Home Front Legacy Project: Mapping WW1 Essex – Summer 2018

In Summer 2018, I volunteered to help Southend Museums document and map heritage sites in and around Southend and the Thames of significance during the Great War. I managed the project singlehandedly and drew from both literature, contemporary documents, and personal surveys of archaeological remains. I made a significant contribution by adding places that have previously escaped knowledge or documentation. Whilst I was able to introduce many historic locations from prior local historical knowledge, I also made many new discoveries in the process. I was proudly awarded a certificate of Home Front Legacy Champion by Chris Kolonko, leader of the project and researcher of home front defences. It was genuinely great to be able to assist in ensuring these often near-forgotten sites and their human stories remain recorded into the future.

To complete the project I wrote my findings up into an article for Southend Museums’ blog, which you can read here:

Home Front Legacy Project at Southend Museums

You can find out about the national Home Front Legacy Project HERE