Edge Of Essex: Canvey Island Short Film – Released December 2019

In December 2019, I released a documentary I filmed during the summer in a single day. It began as a creative experiment without any specific direction, but I’m really happy with the final result and for me it has helped me to share my personal thoughts about my hometown and its environments with others which otherwise would be hard to explain.

I set out with the intention of documenting the human experience of travelling through an environment. I decided I would do a photographic walk across west Canvey taking photographs on my Olympus OM-10 35mm camera, and gather film along the way using an Olympus Pocket with ND filters. The film seeks to document both place and inhabitant, focusing on the area’s conflict between nature, industry, defence, and development – both historically and going into the future. These places through my eyes serve as a metaphor for many of our own life experiences – or at least that’s what comes to mind when wandering these places, and I communicate this using a voice over.

I was very pleased with the result and have shared it with many community groups and photography/videography enthusiasts. In the first 24 hours the video reached 1,400 views which I am incredibly happy with, considering my personal channel which it was uploaded to is quite small and doesn’t often get much exposure. The feedback has nearly all been very positive and viewers have said it has made them rethink their local area and its beauty – mission success! I am planning an Edge of Essex II looking at the wider area of Essex’s coastline…

35mm Photographs: