Documentaries with Thames Defence Heritage – March 2020

Over the space of the last year I have been filming and producing documentaries with Thames Defence Heritage and Beyond the Point. Jay Curtis of TDH was kind enough to show Joe Mander and I (from BTP) around their two principle heritage sites; now museums. The first documentary on New Tavern Fort was filmed in January 2019 and released shortly after. This was filmed using the Lumix GH4 mirrorless camera. Recently, I released the next short documentary; Gravesend’s Cold War Bunker, taking a hands-on look at this fully-furnished 1950s’ gem under a park in the Kentish town. We filmed this using the ultra-compact Osmo Pocket, still capable of stunning 4K footage aided by its in-built gimbal stabiliser. It has been a pleasure to film and edit these documentaries about these incredible survivals which Thames Defence Heritage does an excellent job of preserving. Why not visit them yourself?